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accountability and weight loss progress

to keep myself on track I'm going to post my progress &/or recent stall out - gotta keep working at this, the fat's not going to melt away on it's own.

Hope that text table below doesn't wrap oddly in dif. layouts, ah well. It's just cut & pasted from the website I use for free diet/goal tracking ( so I'm not going to put time into layout improvement on this paste transfer.

Hey! I'm glad there's still progress in my thighs, forearm, & waist - now to get everything moving down again.

My goals? Neck is fine - I'd like to lose more on my arms & legs but will settle.
Chest: goal is 36" or less
Waist: goal is 28" (what I was before pregnancies and desk jobs)
Hips: goal of 36" too
Hey 2 more, 2.5 more, & 3" more - I think that's feasible.

Hope this is realistic! :)

Date                  Neck      Bicep       Forearm        Chest        Waist        Hips        Thigh        Calf
10/30/2008        12.5        10.5        9                      38          30.5               39               21        14.5
09/28/2008        12.5        10.5        9.5                   38          31                  39               22        14.5
08/17/2008        12.5        11           10                    39          31.5                41              21.25     15
08/10/2008        12.5        11.5        9.5                   40.5        33                41.25          22.5        15
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