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Downtown in the city for the election results!

went down to see the election results come in with friends down at Grumpys - it was so fun -had some vegan chili & cherry diet coke and talked, met another new friend Brittany - that's two new friends in the last two days (met Mandy last night) _ that feels good. Just seeing old friends as we watch history unfold in positive new directions, and meeting new friends too.

After the West coast went to Obama & the win was announced the packed bar broke out in loud cheers all over & people toasting and pouring drinks and whooping it up - it was a great feeling. Then my friend Ktig decided to head out and I was tired too so I said bye to Gypsy, Timothy & Brittany, and I took off and driving through downtown decided to stop by Legends & see if another group of my friends were there, and there were! Bill, Scotty, Mike Shaw & Gabe were all there watching the news -- I was so excited about the election I was glad to find my friends were there, and I had a diet coke there; was going to go but Mike teased me about only stopping by for "8 minutes" what? I counter "ok, 15 minutes you stop by to see us" and I'm like, hey I can stay I'm going to listen to the speeches anyway :) So I did - watched both the speeches and then played some video bowling. It was a nice night.
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