Alli (neugotik) wrote,

another weekend day

I was going to go exercise at 9:30 - but I woke up at 9:20. Got a protein drink (made a smoothie - coffee, milk, banana, protein powder, pecans & fiber) the time I fed the cats I realized I would just be late and too late in fact.

So instead I did some computer dorkin around, listening to music, investigating a couple topics on the internetz and blogging while snuggling the cats.

- the new revised plan for my day is: read this book I have almost finished, watch the Vikings game at noon (doing the weekly laundry while I'm home, yay)... THEN - go to the library and study in the PMBOK which they have in the reference section only (I'll just bring a notebook & take notes/it will make studying easier to do it at the library anyway) & then go exercise. There are three classes I like this afternoon so I'll decide which based on when I finish studying at the library.
Tags: goals, weekends
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