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At 7:30 pm I set off to get the kids to bed & thought I would fall asleep soon after them. Heh. Yeah. I just read my book, took a bath, dorked around on the internet - now it's 1:30am I think I'll actually go to sleep. I guess it's ok as I took tomorrow as PTO & well, I bask in my solo time sometimes :) Amazing how work is done, kids are asleep - I can just play and read and do my hobbies for hours - If I go to sleep now I'll still get 7 hours - plenty. *grin*

Name That Beer Label
Name That Dog Breed
Name that Soda

Also, I feel my high percentage of surviving a bear attack to having actually read up on this subject for hiking, camping, etc. Yes, I think 48% is pretty darn high chance to survive this.

What are your chances of surviving a bear attack?
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