Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Visiting G + G at the cabin!

Mom & Dad were visiting (Grandma Freya & Grandpa Mike) & one of the first things we did was head up to dad's parent's to visit , aka "the cabin". They live right on this beautiful lake, on a hill, in a house my family built up over the years. It's a place a lot of my family from all over MN congregates & their home always has a certain calm to it, out in the country, and often has a busy festive atmosphere as well, since so many family gathers there to visit.

We played a lot of Bridge, went canoing, sailing & swimming... & camped in the yard for fun (Aurora wants to camp a lot, and this is just as exciting for her currently).

Here are some photos:

Aurora in the bathing room of the sauna, waiting for the adults to get "hot enough" to go swimming with her! *Nice goggles, eh?

The family dock, a few of us jumping into the water...

Her's Grandma Freya helping Aurora swim...

Me, Aurora & Angelo out on the old canoe. Ang seems to like kayaks better, but the canoe allows us all to go out together, which is nice. It was a bit too windy on this particular day: but it's great fun when the water is calm. (Aurora loved it wind, or no!) Maybe we'll do the boundary waters someday (One of our family reunions involved 2 weeks of canoing & portaging through the boundary waters (another involved rafting down a big river in Oregon for a handful of days, and a few others have involved backpacking into mountains for a week, heh): ah, my family).

Here's my dad sailing: he actually sailed a lot when I was little, but I think his sailboat sunk or lost vital parts in a storm on Pudget Sound (Seattle, WA) when I was 5 or 6 ; and they didn't replace it until they won this won in a drawing ! (wow, yeah people win those things: amazing!!)

Great Grandpa John's sweet cat "Aiti"; she's so calm & very loving, not to mention pretty, too.

Some chives blooming on the hill above the lake...

Sunset from the dock June 13th 2004.

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