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So, I had to rush out in the pouring rainstorm last night at 9:30 to take Athena to Urgent Care, as her ears were bugging her so much she wouldn't stop crying, literally for over 2 hours.. she would stop from exhaustion & lay her head on my arm .. and then a second later the pain would make her start howling again.. when we got to urgent care she had little spots around her face & neck from the stress of crying for so long.. and grey sallow coloring under her eyes: it was awful. So, although we went to the Dr's yesterday & her ears were not infected, they did have signs of fluid buildup, so he said it could turn to infection shortly. And.. the doctor on call says they have a policy at our clinic against 'after hours prescriptions' - so I have to go out to Urgent Care. Maybe I should have insisted on a prescription pre-infection?

9:30-10:30 at Urgent care, yes: she has an infection in her right ear / to Walgreens we go - both of us soaked from our quick jaunt from the car to the hospital door, despite car seat covers, coats w/ hoodies, etc. I had left the lights on the van: but, it started wo/problem. So , we go to Walgreens: it'll be 20 minutes until it's ready. We park with the heat & classical music going & soon Athena falls asleep: I feel guilty about leaving the car runnning from 10:20 to 11 or so, but it's cold, we're wet, and the heat & music are nice.

Then we pull back through the drive through, I turn off the car so exhaust doesn't come in my open window.. and we get the medicine, and the car won't start. The battery died. I call angelo as the pharmacist & all the other people behind the pharmacist counter can't or won't come outside to jump start my car. I give Athena her prescription medicine now that I have it, so she can get to feeling better...

Angelo gets there by about 11:30 & he says the only jumper cable he could find is broken (missing one of the clips to attach both wires) We try a few times (10?) to jump start it (add rev/ hand holding the loose wire on/etc) .. after a handful of tries and maybe 15 minutes, I suggest we buy new jumper cables in Walgreens, er.. since we're there & all them being open 24 hours:yah for that.. and so new cables & 10 minutes later we're hooked up again: he revs the subaru's engine, and I turn the key .. and it fails. angelo hops out & says "wait I'm not sure I clipped them on well enough" and he adjusts them & hops back in the Subaru, revs it, I turn & BlAMMO. Instant start.

Hooray. We drive home: back into the driveway, plan leave the van running for awhile: look down: 12:00, the stroke of midnight & home again, the evening out on the town wrapped up, the littler one soundly sleeping (finally) and the downpour subsiding into a lightning aftershow.

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