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bookswap website

I've tried out this site & now approve. I can share it now that I feel it works well & has a high usage rate (I listed 10 books/many were picked up, listed more, more were picked up/ordered some with my credits & they arrived, it works like a charm!) over 2.5 million books posted & about 1500 users on average are logged in - pretty sweet: a book swap without the crowd. *grin*.

So if any of you want access to a 24-7 bookswap - try this site
my nickname is neugotik there too, so you can find me & if you like, you can buddy me too :D

Also: be forewarned, if you agree to ship a book within 2 days & don't they kick you off the site: keeps everyone honest/there's a vacation button for when you are not going to be using it for a time. :) Hope to see some of you there!
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