Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Thanksgiving & Athena's bday week.

Thanksgiving dinner was 33 people. I'm glad I wasn't hosting. It was Peg & Steve & Peg's mom - so both our family & Steve's family were there - great fun. Lots of people brough things (salads, veggie dishes, etc - I brought a nut creamcheese roll, 2 kinds of crackers to go with/ the Challah I baked & a bottle of wine - I got it in a charity raffle & haven't been drinking much of anything in quite awhile, and never cared much for wine personally: happy to donate it) :D

I brought my camera but the battery died right away so I only got a few blurry shots that are not worth posting. Took photos on 2nd cousin Peter's camera - what a day. Loved the sunshine - still there too! Little flurries tonight I felt falling as we left the grocery store/but not much. Hope it doesn't storm tomorrow as weather newscasters mentioned might happen.

Got my storm windows up by myself: had to wash them all - got the xmas tree up for the kids yesterday - we went with a "nature" theme on ornaments (can't put them all up) and a bunch of the homemade playdoh ones we bake every few years or so. They both got to paint a few blank ones I had (cats/unicorns/little people) and those are cute. Also have some from 2003, 2005) - the lights are green & blue "nature colors" according to Aurora.

I've been exercising about 9 hours a week for the last 3 weeks or so - the extra 4-5 hours weekly has to do something right?

Baking a pumpkin pie tonight/well - it's been in the oven an hour / should be out any minute. Got both "soy whipping cream" in a can, and also "5 calorie dairy whipping cream" to try to find some healthier alternative - wonder if either will be good? heh. We'll see!

Put the gingerbread dough in the fridge (was in the freezer) to bake tomorrow w/the girls.

Athena's bday was low-key but nice: she had a cupcake with her dad so I didn't make more cake - we did get delivery pizza (take out/I picked it up) as a treat from a yummy local pizzeria a couple blocks from our house. Love that place. Got Athena fresh blueberries this week and some other healthy treats which are favorites of hers/manderine oranges and organic apples - she loves fruit. Took the girls to Big Bowl tonight/ I ordered the tofu & 8 vegetables - nibbled a little on Aurora's curry - too bad they don't have a tofu curry option at the grocery store version - or maybe better (for my purse!). Eating out is a spendy treat/even if it is healthy. The girls got to play at the YMCA gym/playground with other kids while I exercised: it's awesome that they can run around and get their energy spent outside the house even on holidays/via the Ymca. I really do enjoy being a member there.

I feel we had a good Thanksgiving holiday/hope everyone else did too.
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