Alli (neugotik) wrote,

better late then never! :D

I admit I'm naive when it comes to media. I've never seen the Godfather movies - I've told 2 friends that this year - the first said "you are weird" for the first and only time he ever called me weird. The other friend said "Alli, you shouldn't tell people that : that's just.. unAmerican".

Huh. I've also not seen "home alone" which at it's peak was really hard to dodge, but I was happy to do so. ... Or - "Fargo" & I live in Minnesota. IT was all the talk of the chipper scene - I will prob. see Fargo & the Godfather movies sometime.. I hope I evade homealone and other cheap nasty pop films forever.

Well - I discovered a stand up comedian I love his stuff! I am sure everyone else knows about him & I'm discovering him in my backwards naive way (heard some quote by him I liked/looked up his name to discover he's in stand up comedy & lately made a film, which will be at Riverside soon - Religulous) - yes, I finally discovered Bill Maher. What a genius! Yay!

Here's a great sketch by him on Googlefilms: Bill Maher film

Or just anything here I guess: list of films to choose from In case the first link doesn't work.
Tags: funny, politics

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