Alli (neugotik) wrote,

snow is ... shoveling, quiet, fun, haiku-esk

most people in my region are aware it's all snowy today - I write that only for the sake of my non-regional LJ friends.

so: the story: My kids get up yelling "it snowed it snowed!" and then "can we go out can we go out??" - yes yes, but you have to put on snowpants I insist - they do so and head out via the garage (no slippery steps)

I look out & they are shoveling my driveway with big grins. I love my kids. I used to joke, that we needed to have two kids "so Aurora won't have to shovel alone" heh heh> see, dreams do come true! Just kidding, just kidding really... but, they were having fun - btw, I wouldn't send them out to shovel, but hey: If they do it on their own for fun, I'm not going to complain.

Snow reminds me of some awesome Haiku - it's like, cherry blossoms/snow/Haiku - maybe that's just me, but I'll just dash out a few in honor of the snow.

jumping into it
the white poof billows about
kissing me with cold

and on a more somber note, it was hard to hear about attacks in Mumbai India, when the tv went on after lunch, people dying and trapped, while we sat admidst Thanksgiving celebrations:

people die abroad
we sit sheltering at home
trying not to think
Tags: kids story, news, poem, snow, weather
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