Alli (neugotik) wrote,

year in review meme

take the first sentence of the first post in each month & post:

The first line from the first post of each month of 2008.
jan:Sorry - I've been thinking a lot more & talking/posting less; I guess I don't have to say sorry for that.
feb:Yesterday Aurora got free passes to see the pre-release of "Spiderwick" from a school friend!
march:Girlscout cookies are here for those who ordered some from Aurora
april:Hey! I'm moving to somewhere that has a warm springtime... heh; ok, April fools.
may:budgeting is so hard.
june:All the girls arrived for Aurora's 9th bday sleepover.
july:money makes me ill.
aug:my camera broke- :(
sept:Happy first day of 4th grade Aurora! ;
oct:Sunny autumn days like today are absolutely delicious.
nov:I was going to bike to the yMCA all summer - but I didn't. I did go to the YMCA all summer though & still do go.
dec: so my new summer jeans that were a smaller size & were tight when I bought them are falling down - this is good.
Tags: kids, memes
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