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non-tradition, er... traditions?

fun/friendly "unspoken of?" traditions I've grown up with - do you know any?

1) bringing baked goods to a new neighbor when they move into the neighborhood
2) kids getting a free cookie at the bakery at the grocery store for while their parent(s) shop
3) packing sandwiches and a picnic for fishing trips
4) the kids pulling out & donating clothes to charity before being allowed to do any shopping for school clothes

I'm sure there are more - mostly I'm remembering traditions that are "known traditions"/holidays/family history ethnic such & such (like the sauna traditions)etc that come to mind...
But, rather then that right now, I'm trying to think of those kinda things the "just happen/are done" but are not tied to a country, ethnic or holiday tradition?
Tags: ideas, kids, traditions
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