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weekends are lovely.

The best part of Religulous was the interview with a priest outside the Vatican : the gent was humorously honest & non-pretentious and smiled and laughed at all the funny/odd things about religion that came up in his interview - he was awesome. I'd like to meet that Priest & take him out to coffee.

The weather is amazing: sunny and no wind. I guess it's time to shovel *grin* Yes I've put it off until now.

Plan to hit the Ymca later this afternoon w/the kids. They rented borrowed a "Charlie & Lola" DVD from the library: it's soooo cute. I might have to buy it - the lessons about not "squabling" and calming down in the "simmer down chair" and on why it's "good to be tidy" are so cute and humorously presented. OH, and it's all in an adorable British accent. :D Yeh, well - it's sure adorable. I like their books too.

The cats like to both sleep with me in the winter & last night the girls asked if they could climb into bed in the middle of the night so I said sure - and I woke up feeling like I was part of a huddle of a kitten-litter - 3 girls and 2 cats all warmly snuggled in tangled blankets and pillows. It was very cute.

Rach gave me a slow-cooker cookbook for my birthday/xmas : neat! Now I can finally brave trying out that crockpot (yes I know "it's easy" everyone says that - it doesn't stop the fact that I have issues with walking away from what I'm cooking & "letting it go on it's own") But yeh, it would be cool to use & now I have about a hundred recipes I want to try - not just stew: spagetti, perogies, and gingered pears are all in there too! YUM.

K, back to the life :)
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