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4 years since the avalanche tomorrow. It's not fair. Sometimes I just glare at snow and hate it personally: as if those individual snowflakes were at fault: I know they weren't - I just need something to glare at. Especially when the snow is really pretty and sparkly, like an alluring otherworld fairy or something has enchanted it and it makes me want to go skiing, and play in the snow, and then I just feel torn. I know you were doing something you love Pete and it's okay - I just miss you tons, anyway.

Pete's last visit to MN, August 2004:

Pete, Tennessee Aurora & Uncle John in canoe at Lake Scandi, Aug 2004

Minigolf with Aurora at Walker Art Institute, Aug 2004

picture by Pete's friend Luke, 1995 - climbing "ghost trees"

Another by Luke, skiing Spencer Butte in Eugene Oregon, ~1995

Pete & I skiing - I think I was 17 and he was 7 or something like that here.

Aug 2003, Pete & my elder daughter Aurora at Greenbay, WI for a family reunion

Mom, Dad & Pete on a roadtrip with Amie (photographer here) 2004

Mom, Amie & Pete, 2004

Pete on one of his numerous mountaineering trips. He sure loved the mountains.

Peace & Love little bro. I love you and miss you tons.
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