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take that clutter! ha. I win this round.

my relationships corner (a la Feng Shui/this was my clutter corner I posted about prior)... that corner of my house is now awesome: not just clean, awesome. Set it up like a sitting room to hang out & play guitar in (girls have guitars too - they play them more then me, so just theirs are in there right now) and its cozy & comfy.

The basement took the surge of stuff that was stacked & unsorted / some needed some not -- and the kids & are going to go through their bags this weekend; mostly clothes and toys. yeh. It's not all clutter, but I had to do the "everything out/clean/set up from scratch" approach to get the room awesome. The clutter's all in the basement now. Ok, there's still a little xmas stuff in the living room - that should be downstairs very soon - I took the tree apart but somehow can't squish it into the box I put it in before - have to retry.

It feels good to get the clutter out of the living spaces. Really good.
Tags: cleaning, clutter, feng shui, goals, projects
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