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the cute files: Aurora

So this morning Aurora discovered a new tool while helping me put together a toy* for Athena (*one of those sliding beads on curvy bars toys - well priced at IKEA, horribly expensive everywhere else):

The Alan Wrench

She's enthralled, loves it & wanted to keep it. How cute, I couldn't refuse. I lectured her about random tools usage in the house & boundaries therein, and thought it was cute that she was enthralled with a tool.
Other events of the week?
  • She cut most the hair off 2 of her horses, so they now have short strait hair like horses ready to compete in jumping, or ready to ride in some fancy British riding event (it looks like the short tight braids now, but it's just cut short)
  • Aurora has grown 1/4 of an inch in the last 2 months - I guess this makes sense, as she's grown 3 inches a year for the last 2 years, that would average out to this much! I didn't really realize how fast she's growing through, until I took her in for her checkup, and she had also checked her height at her sister's checkup 2 months ago. So, "Way to grow, Aurora!" (heh heh)
  • Aurora's gotten out some of her clothes from Jen (Neil's sister) which she now fits.. and there are some very cute & eccentric outfits in there: like she now had a fuzzy dalmation hoodie (I'm kinda jealous of that one!) and new skirts, jeans with home-done embroidery, and patterned long-sleeve t-shirts (Kaylee of Firefly comes to mind) - and of course, a few new dresses- one, which is black velvet & white top with a lace collar, she only wants to wear backwards .. she prefers to have the lace collar behind her head instead of in front (well, I guess that makes sense) and she likes how if the buttons are in front she can "put it on all by myself" ok, ok.. you can wear it backwards..
  • And she's gotten into stamps & beads again, which are good winter activities. Er, although one of the Hello Kitty stampers got cut up in the excitment of the horse hair cutting event. Er. I told her to chill out on cutting everything up or I would have to put the kid scissors back our of reach.
    Also, Aurora's been playing YuGi-Oh with Sam at Universe games , and Sam came by the shop, Universe games , last night & bought a pack, and then a starter deck of Magic The Gathering. Now they want to play that - that's also cute (they're both 6 years old).

    Oh, and last week, on the first rainy cold day, Aurora wore a dress and socks, and was bemoaning after school how she should've worn tights because she was cold at recess.. but then she happily said "but Sam let me wear his coat for part of recess so I wouldn't be as cold!"

    and so it begins...
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