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get out of your head / persepective

one thing I like about travel is how it puts me in a place unfamiliar, and I have to think from someone elses/other peoples perspective - their town, or state, or country - their "normal" foods, their morning & night rituals - even afternoon - their superstitions, stories, friends and space.

It puts me out of my head and that's an interesting way to get a new view of the world. the same world/totally dif. view.

I had a mini-out/of/head experience this week.

I had to get all 4 tires changed. Well, 1 had a screw in the sidewall & the others were so old, I had to update them to match the tread, turns out it would break my AWD if I didn't (I tried replacing just one: felt like I was always driving on a gravel road: very weird) but I digress:

I was stuck, at a tireplace before work, but I was famiished - I had gotten the girls to school and had an hour or more to wait, nothing to read, as I had changed my timeslot at the last minute (while driving home). I asked what was open that early - and only McDonalds was walking distance.

I went in, expecting ... what I guess people getting the greesy bf meals I like to get there when I'm on a road trip. rushing in & out - the place mostly empty... But no.

The McD was full of regulars - getting hot tea. Lounging. It was cheerful, busy and relaxed ... it was quite a surprise to me/ I was def. out of my space. I looked around after I got my order of food: groups of retired people were sitting one, two or 4/5 to a table - with cups of hot tea or coffee - I saw a few order tea and equal - I mean - they were talking stocks, and news, and laughing and ... almost no one had the greesy food - me and a couple others did - but like, laughter abundant around the room - serious nodding.. I found a table in the middle of the room, the only one left.

There were over 30 people in there - I guess 8am at McD on York is like a bridgeclub - I mean - yeh. It felt like I walked in on a card game - jovial discussions and drinks - I sat there and ate my egg bacon cheese muffin w/a hashbrown and coffee and I listened to everyone else, and felt like I had dropped in, invisible, into another person's body - a club - a big group who mostly knew each other and I was invisible - a fly on the wall or something. It was kinda cool.

I mean, if life was always like that I'd get tired of not being noticed or greeted but for a morning, it was neat to have all the conversations ignore me - no one paused or stopped because I sat down, no one seemed to censor themself or alter their body position or language to me - and I was also lamblasted by the reality that I had been caught in a moment of stereotyping where I was shown how very wrong I could be. There was not an empty place with greesy fast-eating breakfast strangers - it was a totally dif. scene that I Never would have placed there.

Sometimes I like that slap of reality: a wake-up call that I know very little and how much I've experienced in my life is nothing compared to each of those folks - times 30.

It was like I was surrounded by over 1,900 years of collective experience. I was a nothing. It was a good reality check for me.
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