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the cute files: Athena

Athena is doing much better, now into her 5th day of anti-biotics, she is giggling away at silly things (like me blowing on her hand through the playpen mesh) and smiling a lot like she usually* does: YAY! (*She has even aquired the nickname 'smiley smiley of the middlewestern' from my big brother, which has stuck, and so family members refer to her, saying "how is smiley smiley of the middlewestern doing?" or simply "hey smiley, how're doing?")

This morning she discovered something new, too (like her big sister's discovery of the Alan Wrench) _ Athena discovered if she rocks in her booster chair, it makes a neat rhythm. So this morning while eating bannanas & bread & baby milk (formula) she would rock and rock, and smile .. listening to the beat of the rhythm. She really tunes into the rhythms of sounds so well! So, noticing this I would tap on the counter to make a rhythmic beat, and then she would smile gigantically, and rock her chair to make a rhythm.. and then I would tap and she would grin and rock to make the beat again - really cute.

She's been 'talking' away this week & last .. it's a very beautiful sound... like singing , how she repetatively says sounds, switches to another, and then switches back, practicing emphasis and sound stopping.. mamama mummumum a det, a det, da, a, ma amamama roraroara roara a, rora, a - she goes through all our names and then many other sounds too. It's very pretty to listen to. When she notices I'm listening, she breaks out into a big ol' pleased grin, too. It's fun to see her learning she's communicating and getting through. *smile*

Athena also likes Elmo, and loves Zoe (from Sesame Street) and she grins and wants to touch their pictures when she sees them.

Another cuteness she's picked up in looking down shyly and turning away when she's really pleased with something (like someone's attention, particularly - she smiles happily, looks down and turns *usually into my shoulder to snuggle* and hides for a second, then turns back to she the attention giver again.. she also does this with a little yellow duck that squeeks in a cute bird-like way, and a pink fuzzy stuffed chicky that also chirps away at her.. and with 'groovy girls' which have smiley faces, and are soft dolls, so if she touches them, or if I rub one against her cheek, it's soft like velveteen or a soft kiss).. so she turns away smiling a pleased but shy smile.. it's very adorable and cute.

So that's the cuteness file updates for the week! I try to log them in the kids journals, but reality is, that it is easier to type here in my own journal, and I can print & collage it into the kids journals, as I love collaging words with images.

Ah so I can hear Athena in the living room with Aurora, where they are watching Odette and the plight of the swan lake drama... Aurora is clinking her Alan Wrench on her toys and Athena is practicing sounds "ada ada da daaaaaeooo ooou oouuu oouu ehhh eh ehehohou"

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