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I LOVE this new lotion I just tried out.

I am in love with this lotion: I used to be all about the honey-milk lotion, which I still like, but this Shea Butter Honey lotion does an even BETTER job of smoothing & softening my skin and smells just as awesome.

some of my friends give me grief about Burts being bought out by a huge mega-corporation. but think of it this way: if you want all products to be green, natural & not-chemical, then all these mega corporations are going to have to learn and adopt the recipes and methods of the small home-grown products like Burt's bees.

It's good for everyone if the small organic &/or natural product becomes the mainstream product, why hate their growth? The company does other evil stuff? Yeh, probably: most do, but this is a good thing they're promoting now so why knock it because their other stuff is not perfect? Support the good to eliminate the bad says I.

Ok, I'll get off my soapbox (yuk yuk) now. *evil grin* Yes, pun totally intended.
Tags: green living, lotion, smells
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