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I worked out last Friday after work for an hour, and then Monday & Tuesday for an hour each, went Thursday for 2 hours & tonight for an hour - 6 hours this week. I was happy the classes weren't cancelled for the snowstorm on Thurs - so many other things I had considered doing that night were cancelled. It was a good week.

Exercise really puts me in a good mood, not sure how it all works but I know there's a chemical-hormonal process that basically: the body rewards us for working out. It's good, and I keep myself strong. I also love the sense of balance I have been developing with all my yoga classes.

I've also seen a lot of friends this month & that's been really core to my good mood. I like to hang out with friends. I hope they like to hang out with me too.

Been reading fiction books again - for quite a few years it seems like I didn't.... it's a nice stress relief & feels better then watching aimless tv shows when I'm awake & not feeling focused or like going out. It's a story like a movie- a story to get lost in for a little while. But nice & quiet without overly dramatic over-music. Heh. Plus I can cozy up & read in bed. I don't like having a tv in the bedroom - the monitor buzz is annoying, books are good.

Planning to see Dropkick Murphy's this Sunday with Rachael & I'm really looking forward to it.
There's also a P.O.S. & Doomtree show on Saturday I'm thinking about but not very comitted to yet.

That's about it right now. :)
Tags: classes, concerts, exercise, music, weather, weekends

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