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and the weather was scrumptious!

I am feeling a tad down cause this awesome weekend is winding up & it is a school and work day tomorrow ~ the weather was sooooo nice.

The kids had a playdate with Lucas, Carson and Madeline today at my house while their mom Karey & I hung out and talked a couple hours - she has a new part time job doing a theater class for autistic and non-autistic kids on Friday nights & Sat. mornings - sounds really fun and perfect for her degree areas of study and she's still subbing at schools too - it's nice to talk with a grown up and watch the kids have fun at the same time. I don't know many parents, actually - most my close friends didn't have kids (or some of them recently just had babies) _ so it's a treat for me and I had a lovely afternoon.

I went to the Ymca Friday, but skipped going on Sat & Sun and opted for a bit of spring cleaning, an afternoon nap with the kids each day, and just - nice, calm.

I have a list of projects (mostly crafts actually) and I'm thinking I need to reduce my "to do" list so I can have more lazy weekends *grin*. I deserve to take breaks and not work on projects Every Day. It's like I have to re-train myself though - I have always been a "busy" person - finding a list of things to do each & every day. I need days without lists. :)
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