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I haven't been on here in almost a year... not that I don't have things to write about; but I find I have less time then I have things to do and blogging just cycled down to the not-necessary part of my life. Also I don't expect I have an audience here anymore since my friends seem to be primarily on facebook; where posts are longer then a tweet but shorter then a blog. That's how it goes - people don't have time to read.

So in the last year, what have I done?

I worked; took my kids to soccer, music, swimming, girl scouts, and friends houses and school.
I went to Jamaica with my boyfriend; that was really wonderful. We went snorkeling, up to the rain forest, waterfalls - beautiful white sand beaches, live music, just really relaxing.

I went to Oregon twice - once for Thanksgiving seeing my friend Jenn Clark who I'd lost contact with & found me on facebook last year and she drove up from Eugene with her awesome hubbie and 2 girls for lunch at Micminamans (Sp?) and that was delightful .. as well as spending the holiday with my parents & kids... and then next for Spring Break where my boyfriend Gabe was able to come with me & my kids; and we saw my good friend Sierra for a walk around downtown Portland and the Chinese Gardens.. then a few days on the Oregon Coast and then some time in the mountains and on the rivers.

Those are the 3 vacations I took this year; I made a bunch of new jewelry and took a dozen classes; hoping to start an Etsy shop and maybe do something with my jewelry.

That is about it.
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