Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Flying Frosting

Aurora's Birthday Party:

We had originally planned this for June 5th, the Saturday before her birthday (the 8th); but then it turned out many of her kid friends couldn't make it... So Friday I finally get confirmations from parents that they'll be coming over Saturday morning, and I make a dash out to get party supplies after Aurora's asleep.

So I get home at 2am from my mad dash to Walgreens for toys & games to play, and Cub Foods for tasty treats, and I sleep until 6am, when I get up to bake the cake in time for it to cool & get frosted before the kids show up at 10am...

The kids had a great time running around & chasing each other with the pinwheels (on a stick) & mini rainbow wind-socks (on a stick), and racing the micromachine cars around... & then they ate crackers with cheese, hotdogs, and apples with carmel dip (Aurora picked the menu), then rainbow colored "funfetti" cake with LOTS of candy on top & big pink candy stars with candy letters for Happy Birthday, and Buzz Lightyear icecream *blue, purple & green with , yes, candy yellow stars inside...

Then the rain cleared enough for all of the sugar buzzed kids to run around outside and blow bubbles before heading home with their baggies with (*thankfully) unopened playdoh (I don't know how we didn't get to that at the party *grin)... and I think Aurora had a really great time, as she ran around with her garden mini-windsock all day (and when she broke the stick she stopped playing with it: heh).

After the party I was not surprised to see Aurora take a nap almost immediately, and I used this time to clean up melted blobs of green, purple and blue icecream off the floor, random blobs of frosting on the walls, and crackers and cheese that had spread like it was an ant's trail: everywhere kids had walked, cheese & crackers had crumbled.

The great thing about a 5 year old party, is unlike at 2,3, & 4 you don't have to work as hard at keeping the kids entertained: they entertain themselves. And, unlike older kids (not sure how old, but I think 7 or 8 would be a good guess), it isn't a big deal if there are "cool" things to do at the party, just the fact that it's a party and your friends are there makes it great!

Since the party, Aurora's been talking about how different it is to be 5 years old!
An example:

"MMm : tofu! When I was 4 I didn't like tofu, but now that I'm a big girl, and I'm 5, I like tofu." -Aurora ...

To which all of these comments Angelo has immediately corrected: "You're not quite 5 yet Aurora, you're birthday is on the 8th, you just had your birthday party early... "

And I say "It's great you like tofu!!"

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