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Lovely weather here today! I snuck outside for a bit; not as long as I would have liked... but I got the potatos out of the garden, weeded a bit, split & transplated some Autumn Joy (tall Sedum that flowers in Autumn, is very hardy, and grows in the shade or sun!) So I felt pretty good about that little bit.

Also this week I brought a stint of herbs inside to dry, including some of our profuse catnip for the kitties in winter.. and Oregano, Sage, Thyme for us -- some of the Thyme broke off, but a couple sprigs pulled up a bit of root, so I just planted them in a tiniie mini terra cota pot on my desk: it looks so cute. I hope it gets somes roots in & settles down. It would be nice to have some indoor herbs this winter; even if just as a plant.

Otherwise, spent the day pulling reports for work & cleaning (swept/mopped/some dishes/sorting through a few of the piles we've pulled out of closets &/or drawers this month. My goal is to have everything sorted, and only a few sorted bin items in storage. (like clothes for the kids they don't fit yet, stuff I inherited from my little brother, my kid stuff I still have... holiday bins - that should be about it for bin-storage).

Hope you're all outdoors injoying this lovely Autumn sun & gorgeous days!

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