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Halloween plans anyone? Should we host a party?!

Addendum: I'm going to go, with the kids, to mizzlaurajean's party at 7:00pm on Oct 29th & therightwaye's party at 9:30pm .. and Aurora & I are going to go rollerskating on Oct 28th for a roller-rink style Halloween party!! (Ang will be running the games shop - message me if you are interested in the details of that! *grin*

Sooooo, is anyone planning a Halloween party? Should we? heh heh. We have a big enough house & yard, and I would love to host one - but I don't want to if everyone already has plans that weekend, either.

Friday the 28th?
Saturday the 29th?

*grin* Post a comment, I don't have pay-for polls...

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