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deep sleprivation...

I wonder if only humans are as lazy as we are... I wonder, do birds think "wow this flying is tiring me out!" or giraffes thinking, 'it's so hard to chew up all these leaves, I wonder if there is a way someone else could prepare this for me?" .. or dolphins thinking... "swim, swim, swim.. I wonder if I could just find some strong current to ride... it sure would be nice to not twist & turn and use my flippers for awhile.. what a drag" Or so on.. I mean, you do see animals totally relaxed out: wild cats lulling in the shade, little monkey's catching a ride on a family member, wolf pups or even wolves, sitting down mid-chase & just panting. But I somehow doubt they are flooded with constant anxiety, guilt, and second-guessing, let alone simple laziness. But, I just don't know.

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