Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Aurora has gotten into listening to novels...

Aurora and I started reading novels in June, when Grandma Freya & Grandpa Mike were out visiting, they let Aurora pick out some books for her birthday: she was having a difficult time deciding, so I helped pick out books, and she eventually picked out a spotted stuffed horse (from the bookstore). heh.

Anyhow: in June we read the first three Wizard of Oz novels, which she loved; and in July we read the first Narnia novel (which did not capture her interest quite as much, but she was still really enjoying the story). Now we're all out of novels & have to pick up some new ones.

Last summer I read her just one novel all summer, which was "A wrinkle in time" : I was surprised by how rapt she was by the story at that time... Now she seems ready to read as many as 3 novels a month (listening-wise) which really exceeds my expectations!


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