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Lately in dreams, I've been building futuristic cities, amidst stormy weather - like, up in helicopters raising scafolding, and also designing buildings as an architect and planning for community and ecosystems, etc.. and those have been positive dreams. (which is ironic, because I've been feeling pretty down myself - just trying to enjoy the moments, as I'm not seeing any future). Last night in my dream I made a pack with a girlfriend, kinda reminiscent of little girl packs, that we would start dating each other & just forgo all men and be loyal to each other forever. But, then she got bored as she is a musician and artist.. and got caught up in some festival or fair, & I just didn't hear from her anymore. Heh. Great. I can't even keep a friend in my dreamworlds.

Well, good news is it is sunny out. Yay for that. I'm hoping Aurora & I & Athena will get some outdoors playtime in today, and Aurora has plans to call one of her soccer friends to get together & play later today.






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