Alli (neugotik) wrote,


Aurora tried out roller skating for the first time this weekend, and she really loved it! She also had her last soccer game of the autumn season & got a soccer trophy (woot!) and a pizza party at Chukie Cheese with the team.. and we -also- raked a pile of leaves in the front yard just so we could have the fun of jumping in it. That was fun.

Lovely weather.. I really should get back outside, it's so splendid out.

In other news, angelo updated our games shop's web site some; so now you can see events times there & some of the game brands we carry & the shop & it's location, map, etc. Yay!

And this week one of my goals is to send off Halloween cards, which Aurora & I had fun making, and also to decorate our yard/house somewhat for Halloween, along with the normal mundane goals of the week, which I won't list here, as they're dull for the most part.

Photo I took of some of our Halloween stamps this week
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