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Endangered species act under attack in congress w+COMPENSATION for developers who Threaten Species

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"Congressman Richard Pombo's falsely labeled Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005 sailed through the GOP-led House of Representatives with a vote of 229-193. Thirty-six Democrats joined 193 Republican members of the House to pass the legislation. Thirty-four Republicans and 158 Democrats voted against the bill.

The bill would eliminate the designation of critical habitats for endangered species which currently places all development in these areas under federal regulation. The Pombo bill replaces critical habitat with "areas of special value" but does not mandate specific federal protections for these areas. Critics of the Pombo legislation maintain that critical habitat designations increase the likelihood that a species will survive by 100 percent.

The new legislation also provides compensation for developers whose permits are not approved by government regulators because the development will adversely impact endangered species. This encourages developers to make plans that they know will not be approved so that they can receive government compensation. Also, the new legislation eliminates the requirement that the Interior Department consult with scientific experts before making regulatory decisions on endangered species. Finally the legislation ends all protections for "threatened" species, those not endangered but whose populations have declined significantly.

"This bill could spell disaster for America's most imperiled wildlife and undo so much of the heroic recovery efforts that have brought the whooping crane and so many other species back from the brink of extinction," says George Fenwick, president of the American Bird Conservancy. "The Endangered Species Act needs to be improved and strengthened to ensure that our natural heritage is preserved for future generations, not sledge hammered for the sake of developers."

The bill now goes to the Senate where no action is anticipated until next year."

Time to pull up the 'email your congress reps & senators bookmark & write 'em a letter about this "Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005" - Peeuw on these lies that help corporate developers get paid even when they endanger with their development, various habitats & also threatened, or even endangered species.

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