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So tonight, I : talked to a bunch of strangers at the grocery store, plus my neighbor (she is the night manager there) as Aurora loves to go around introducing herself to everyone as we grocery shop. I have always admired and also been baffled by this tendency of hers, .. I sit back and watch her babble and befriend utter strangers, silently in my mind thinking "it must be her dad, I can't talk to strangers" & yet knowing, as I was a kid, I would do similarly baffling & outgoing things.

So, tonight we met a dad & his daughter "Rebecca" who goes to a dif. school then Aurora, but also loves 'groovy girls' dolls, .. and, a 4th generation republican who is "sick of Bush" .. and even his brother is, who apparently told him "I have grandkids, need I say more?" .. and a few other folk who were polite but less interesting.

I also finally got to see the MTG deck nicknamed "gifts" in action as angelo & I got to play a little magic the gathering after the kids went to bed & he had this deck made up along with a white-red & a white-green deck / I played the white-green deck (which was quite quick) but admired the gifts deck from afar, which although a bit complicated to balance, and quite mana-greedy, can suffocate it's gaming opponent with power which is rarely seen in the game: quite impressive. I wonder if it will last. (what with cards getting banned et all .. but this deck has been played by many international champions of this game, and it is a complicated combo, so I think it will go on unbanned and thrive off it's multiplicity and many layered options) - the main card (gifts ungiven) is quite unique in its versatility:

So, all in all a quiet, but intellectually stimulating, and somewhat encouraging evening: especially hearing a "four generation republican" dissing on Gov. Pawlenty & Pres. Bush for at least 15 minutes while walking up & down isles grabbing items: heh heh. That was awesome.

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