Alli (neugotik) wrote,

  • Today I finally moved some furniture I had to move in order to put away junk in my room, with angelo's tools effort & coordination, but it got done, yay!! So now I can put away my clothes, too...

  • Baked Peanut Butter & Jelly muffins with Aurora (she's a great cook! I let her do most of the preparation nowadays~) I should post the recipe when I'm not so tired.

  • Did the dishes & cleaned the floors & did laundry .. although there are new dirty dishes & the floor is trashed again; but this is the norm when there are wee children in the house &

  • I worked on a big newsletter send out notification email for work & other work tasks, phone calls, etc from 9am until 11:40pm _Yes_that whole time I did at least a few things per hour for work! Sometimes, computer work also needs time time time to stew. *sigh* .. so lots of work got done today

  • Cleaned out another bin, cleaned off Auorora's art desk, & the cardboard boxes on the front porch hiding under the mailbox area..

  • Uploaded the camera full of images & went through (most) of those photos, flipping vertical images, etc, marking ones to share, et all

  • Played with Athena & Aurora, mostly Athena as Aurora went to hang out w/Grandma 'dell (her nickname for Rachelle from when she was quite young, and it just stuck; heh) & her Auntie Crishana who's in town for the weekend from California.

  • Did the standard 3 meals for me & the kids

  • Wrote Rebecca Guay a Halloween card, & sent a Halloween package to my Mom & Dad and to my older bro Todd, & his family (wife Sue & daughter Izzy) in Amherst (same place R.Guay lives, thus the card... plus I found out she will sign some mtg cards if I send them to her *grin* yeah, feed the minature art collection!)

  • Fed & Pet the Kitties

  • Fed & turned the light on for Aurora's 3 goldfish..

  • And, I spent way too much time on LJ in between getting computer stuff done and putting off cleaning tasks.

And now for two cute photos from the roll I uploaded today!

Athena examining leaves as they are being thrown in the air by Aurora behind her...Oct.20,2005

Aurora & the homemade Pirate Flag we made together! Oct.19,2005

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