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New Orleans music, beat & rhythm lives on..

This is an interesting outtake from the 'take action' daily link posted on Daily action link at

"TODAY'S ACTION for October 26, 2005
982 Actions Today! (11am)

Care2 Daily Action - Visit WWOZ in New Orleans, Broadcasting in Exile!

For today's daily action, we ask you to learn about a local New Orleans radio station that is determined to rebuild not only its station, but its community and New Orleans' musical soul.

WHY? For 25 years, New Orleans radio station WWOZ - listener-supported, volunteer-operated - has featured jazz, funk, Latin, Afro-Caribbean, Cajun and folk music. But the station's studio, equipment, and priceless collection of records and CDs sustained significant damage during and after Hurricane Katrina.

The station's staff, board and volunteers are scattered throughout the South after evacuating New Orleans, but they are determined to rebuild. WWOZ's website has: a live stream of the shows they are broadcasting; an invaluable collection of relief links for local artists and musicians; a listing of benefit concerts around the world for New Orleans and its musicians; and an email list or people to stay in touch, follow their story, and learn about their programming."

Here's the link: WWOZ Jazz, Funk, Latin, Afro-Caribbean, Cajun & Folk Music Check them out: they're trying to rebuild their station: nothing like music to help rebuild community!

Stream listen to their station if you like: Yeah...
Windows Player stream
MP3 stream

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