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10 random things about me:
  • I talk in my sleep
  • I'm obsessive compulsive
  • I've climbed many mountains & would like to climb more, but live where there are no mountains.
  • I love swimming in the rapids of a river
  • From age 21 to 32 I never had my natural hair color, and I can't recall all the colors I've had, but they include: hot pink, bright blue, lavender, blonde, black, dark chocolate brown, white, orange, brown with forest green stripes, red white & blue with extensions, tulip pink, burgundy, navy blue, light brown with white & purple stripes, lightish ash with hot pink stripes, blonde with black stripes, er... oh, bright purple, um, dandelion neon-yellow, hm, oh, I did blue purple & white stripes, ok.. that's 'nuf of that. Like I said: can't recall them all! But, I'm all natural now, and I like that too (its so soft now!)
  • I love gardening
  • I love lying in the grass to relax
  • I have two punk-rock princess daughters who are super smart & sweet & funny: they really do stuff to crack me up, then they get giggle fits too: it is awesome.
  • I have a Bachelor's degree from Evergreen State College (which is a great school, by the way- not mainstream at all, no grades, you get reviews from all your professors & yourself, you loose credits instead of getting graded down, and most terms you take one class per term: it's like graduate work - intense and very effective way to learn; and they really promote self-designed coursework, and internships for school credit- I did an internship at an art gallery & travelled to Peru to study ruins & teach in the schools there, for some of my credits).
  • I was a vegetarian for 10 years (age 15 to 25)

    9 things I want to do before I die:
  • publish a book, maybe a children's book, maybe a photography book. I haven't decided
  • raise my kids to be successful & happy adults who can carry on well on their own
  • climb more mountains, maybe do photography for National Geographic Magazine, speaking of mountains... (*grin*)
  • become a Master Gardener
  • plant a ton of trees & plants and/or pay $ so Arbor Day Foundation & other environmental groups can plant trees and rebuild parks, national parks, strip mining areas, etc, wherever...
  • help to protect our natural resources, improve our recycling habits, reduce our use of chemicals on the planet (yes: everywhere, in farming, production, clothing, energy production, etc)
  • get involved in an animal rehabilitation program (like save the wolves, raptor centers, etc)
  • help build (and strengthen) communities, especially local communities but also internet/other communities
  • teach peace & love, learning, patience, humor & adaptation, awareness of self and others, & sharing

    8 ways to win my heart/affection/respect:
  • loyalty, especially to family & friends
  • personally putting in hard work, especially towards things you believe in
  • patience with children and intelligent, honest engagement; sharing their thoughts, ideas, understanding their needs
  • laughter
  • intelligent thoughtful conversation, on topics meaningful to you
  • having fun with life
  • authentic engagement with the present, & embracing life's simplest, quiet moments
  • compassion

    7 things I'm afraid of:
  • organized religion
  • corrupt governments
  • reckless drivers
  • street drugs/illegally made narcotics/etc
  • these bugs: scorpions, ticks & centipedes
  • failing my family (yes, any or all of them)
  • having my lungs fail/ dying of asthma

    6 things I believe in:
  • life
  • love
  • science & the constant evolution of science, but also the infinity of existence & the unreachable infinity of all knowledge as well
  • community building
  • protecting the earth's life and ecosystems
  • energy & it's complex multi-layered forms

    5 places I have lived:
  • Minnesota for 12 years
  • Washington state for 4.5 years
  • Oregon for 14 years
  • Arizona for 2.5 years
  • Peru for a few months, and London, England for a couple months which if we say .5 years.. then we get to the right age. heh.

    4 of my favorite items in my bedroom:
  • lots of windows & sunlight
  • good books to read
  • fuzzy soft blankets
  • hardwood floors

    3 things I do everyday:
  • play with our kids, and maybe work on teaching them something *wink*
  • go outside and spend some quiet time embracing life & nature
  • laugh

    2 things I'm trying not to do now:
  • assume
  • be too aggressive, untactful, or hurtful with any of my words

    1 person I want to see right now
  • I would love to hang out with Sierra/aka Travis (an old friend of mine who lives in Oregon) since I live with Angelo, Aurora & Athena, and have had frequent visits with family and continue to plan these gatherings, but I have no plans of when I will next get to visit with Sierra. I love our candid conversations and full on engagement with life & art - like when we up and took a 2 week road trip w/two other friends, me being the only driver of the 4/camping the whole way.. or how we can do collages & journaling together and just talk about humanity, community, and the little stuff with deep meaning and honest engagement.

    Peace out to my little bro',too: you know I would love to see you & I'm hoping there's a way in the afterlife, little bro. I love you.

    Well,that was intense to write! *grin* Hope you who decided to read this found it as inspiring or thought-provoking as I found all the one's I read to be (thanks to combustafarian for posting this & to all of those in his friends list (soul rebels) who posted such amazing, thoughtful, meaningful and inspiring ideas in their personal versions of this meme.
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