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New Minneapolis Community - crafting & drafting, neato.

Hi everyone, want to join a newly formed Minneapolis community? I have no idea who started it, but I'm interested in the topics (any kind of craft & brewing) here's the profile:
User: craftndraft (4415371)
craft n draft
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
About: Welcome, crafters! Pull up a chair, open a beverage of choice, and tell us all about your latest project.

Non crafters or non drafters are welcome. This community is a place where crafty, laid back types in Minneapolis can hang out and have fun!
Interests: 17: beading, beads, beer, crochet, friends, jewelry, knitting, music, needlepoint, needlework, painting, pottery, soap, spirits, wine, writing, yarn.


Looks like a good place to post about new & ongoing projects & maybe we can even organize some local events or something, since it's er, well: local to me, and many of you who don't live here visit, etc. *grin*

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