Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Weekend larks

We went to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I quite enjoyed it; but it was my favorite of the 5 books thus far published, so that wasn't surprising. I really liked how they did the hippogrif & the whomping tree was excellent, it rather took on its own little personality. I also thought the monster book was a riot, but then.. I would. And the maurader's map was of course, pretty, as an excellent map will be..., and the night bus for wayward magicians was a character; but I think they overlooked the joke shop & the twins jokes a bit.

I won't say more, as I don't want to ruin it for anyone: but I do recommend it. I think the movie has matured, it looks like the producers spent more on the set & special effects, but that they still managed to focus on the kids as the key characters and let the story line stand out more then special effects, which could be tricky with a story line that allows for so much with magical events. It's a fun film, and I think it managed to maintain the very creative original story; I also got a big kick out of the headless hunt going on in the background, and other subtleties you'll notice if you've read the book.

Aurora came home & wanted to make popcorn & watch the previous Harry Potter which we own on DVD, so I think she had a good time, too.


Otherwise we spent the weekend trimming the trees and hedges in the backyard and side of the yard, ran through the sprinkler, and had breakfast burritos for Saturday morning & Blueberry Waffles with maple syrup for Saturday dinner; we saw a bluebird a few times, that seems to have moved into the neighborhood, & transplanted a small lilac to the whole in a hedge above a hill to our neighbors yard, where Aurora's balls keep going down & getting stuck, so hopefully that lilac will fill in & we won't have to chase so many balls into the neighbors's hedges (which have a few nesting birds as well, as she has a state-certified organic garden?!); so that was most of our weekend. Pretty quiet, but nice too.

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