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Hey, Turn off those extra lights, please..

TODAY'S ACTION for November 15, 2005
1,552 Actions Today! (copied at 1pm central time)
Care2 Daily Action - Turn off your lights when you are not using them
Welcome to the Daily Action Site! Take action and we'll keep track in your success journal!

For today's daily action, we ask you to turn off your lights in your house or apartment when you are not using them.

WHY? Our energy consumption can have a dramatic impact on the earth and our climate. Over 30% of the carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. alone come from power plants and electricity generation. This CO2 then contributes to climate change. And lighting consumes 25% of all electricity in the U.S. So by simply turning off lights when we are not using them, we can reduce our electrical consumption and thus reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions we produce!



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