Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Some of my more memorable dreams lately...

I had a dream last night I was climbing a mountain with a group, and there were these robots with us like the ones in Ghost in the Shell; and then there was a mudslide, and everyone got buried, and the robots sent out little nanobots to surround everyone under the moving mud; and they protected us and then worked to get us out of the mudslide: really interesting idea. Hm.

Last weekend I had a dream where my family and friends were inventing things, as was I & in the dream I had many inventions: mostly to do with day-to-day stuff, but some of it more scientifically directed, rather then point-of-use oriented. It was interesting to see who (in my minds' eye) was inventing neat things, or scientific applications, or mundane or silly things.. as in my dream everyone invented at least one thing, which was neat.

And, two weekends ago I had another memorable dream, where I was a reporter & while doing an interview in a tall skyscraper the ocean flooded & 10 stories were under water: and huge 'sinkholes' kept appearing in the water which were deep valleys of swirling water. and people were in boats, and on giant building rooftops, and it was certainly influenced by the flooding of New Orleans, and it was a very scary dream.

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