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Yay! Fun stuff to look forward to!

Ang just brought me home some foil forests: yay: pretty MTG cards. Which reminds me, that we're going to be getting "Dead or Alive 4" soon (for the new family toy, the Xbox 360)! Yay! It comes out in a week or so & is a game I am pathetically into. I don't know why, but I have always loved those martial arts games, and Dead or Alive does the action & characters so well! heh heh. More fun to look forward to, and.. Narnia is coming out also in a week! Which we are planning to go to.
So, I do have stuff & really fun stuff, to look forward to. That makes me cheerier. It's amazing how winter can be a real downer.

I also got a gift of $50 of Rebecca Guay Magic the Gathering cards from angelo for my birthday (early gift last week!): which is my favorite artist in the game, and I collect her cards & have been collecting them since 1998. I almost have every one of her cards now, and many of them in foil versions, and a few signed too. (although I haven't met her_ but, she does live in the same small MA town as my big brother, so the possibility is good that I could meet her, or at least go to a signing someday). *grin*

I better go get some sleep, so I'm not grumpy tomorrow. Or tired. It's much nicer to not be tired & grumpy.

Mmm. New video game to look forward to! heh heh... It's more fun to do stuff then to 'have stuff' : I think I'll ask my parents if they want to go to a Children's Theatre show or something like that with the kids while they're visiting in December: another activity I'm really looking forward to, as I'm lucky to have parents who are really fun to hang out with.

Peace & Love: keep your spirits up in this trying & stress-filled holiday season, folks! *big hugs!* from me!!

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