Alli (neugotik) wrote,

I woke up this morning to find Aurora, my little morning star, all dressed and in her snowpants with her backpack on her back, ready to go to school before I or Athena had woken up yet! "All I need is my coat Mom, where did you move it to?" "I didn't move it honey, just look around while I wake up"... (It was in the art room).

Meanwhile, Athena wakes up, and I have put on one of my crushed-velvet pullover dresses I haven't worn in at least a few weeks, and Athena just keeps petting my dress, and grinning at me, and patting my shoulder, rubbing the fabric again, and grinning widely at me. It was so *cute*! I think she likes velvet, hm?..

So amidst all this I lost track of the vivid dream I was having, which was fine, but I've noticed I've been waking up to really vivid dreams lately: full blown stories, really. I haven't had so many vivid and logical (story-like, rather then figments & images unconnected) in a long time. I should start a dream-journal again, at this rate. Maybe I could use some of these dreams to write some stories myself.. or, I guess .. translate them to writing.

In other randomness: I noticed more & more people wearing tweed clothes now that it's cold & snowy here. I noticed one of those balled-up tweed dark red overcoats coming in to work today, and I thought "those tweedy clothes sure look nice & classy.. but I hate how they feel. I don't think I could wear something that was so icky to touch, even if it looks that cool." My friends in college used to joke that shopping with Alli was "tactile shopping" because of my tendency to walk through stores really quickly, just reaching out & touching things as we walked by.. (I guess esp. clothes, but generally everything) and only stopping when I liked how something feels. I guess I will always be someone who dresses for comfort rather then to impress (although with enough consideration you can accomplish both) - so, yah for soft fabrics like velvet. Other people can use tweed.

My only other random thought was how cash is like birdwatching, and having cash in ones pocket is like seeing a rare bird: the more cash, the more rare & exciting the bird. It's exciting just to experience it, and you know it's a fleeting experience (the cash will either be spent or deposited).. and so there's this thrill of the hunt & the find.. the birdwatching, and then the bird spotting! So, I have birthday money and I'm just like, titillated .. and it makes me think about rare rainbow colored parrots I saw in Puerto Rico & Peru..

And that makes me want to start my 'life list' .. which is a tradition amongst birders, to record in a book birds they've seen themselves in their lifetime. My list is pretty long, since both of my parents are birdwatchers: I have been watching birds as long as I can remember. I've seen some very, very rare birds too: some where less then 20 are left in the world! Hm. Birds are actually much cooler & more interesting then money. A friend of my little brother, Pete Dillon, was hanging out with my family for Thanksgiving, in San Fran, CA & they all went bird-watching, which was the first time he had ever gone birdwatching. They saw quite a few neat birds, but one that he was especially amazed by was the pheasant- since they had spotted a few male pheasants, which are brilliantly colorful, with rainbow feathers, and interesting markings.. so unlike the plain female pheasants pictured in so many paintings & calendars.. so he was totally amazed by this bird, and I think he really enjoyed bird watching. The next day my parents went hiking & wine-tasting with 2 of my cousins, who emailed me about how much fun they had going out with my parents: there's so much more to life then just working.

It reminds me how much there is to still learn, each day. And how the littlest things: like having mom wear crushed velvet as she carries you around, can make a morning fun & interesting! *grin* Or how thrilling it is to get on snowpants & rolldown the front hill on the way out to the car to go to school. Aurora asked me yesterday "Mom, how come you never wear snowpants to work?" Heh heh. I told her I didn't get a recess where I could go out & roll around in the snow, but I wear them when I'm going to play in the snow, like if we go skiing or snowboarding... but really I was also thinking to myself silently about how adults (or most adults, not all for certain) just aren't supposed to play & have fun like that at work. It's important to remember to have fun & enjoy life, and it is worth the personal effort to do so.

The kids are wonderful: Such happiness from little things, it's just great!

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