Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Hi! If you're coming over, here is the map/how to get here directions:

I'm making cornbread, chili, baked potatoes & chocolate vanilla swirl cupcakes w/chocolate frosting! (I hope to make both Veggie & meat chilies - the meat one is a wonderful Stagg Chili, soo I'll def. have that one. I'll do up a Vegetarian one, but it might be a little bland, (we'll see I guess! *grin*) OK_ so I'll def. have :


  • cornbread wheatfree- dairyfree
  • baked potatoes & optional toppings (bring more if you like)
  • Vegetarian Chili
  • Meat Chili
  • Chocolate frosted (and decorated w/powdered sugar!!) birthday cupcakes
  • & good talk!
or we also have tons of fun board games you may not have played before, that I would love to play! anyone or partial party that's interested in games, those will be available upon demand *grin*

Hope to see you around 1-2pm~~ (I *know* everyone is always late! *grin*)


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