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Athena & I had a great birthday party! Thanks everyone who came!

We had 10 adults & 6 kids between 1pm & 6pm; we went through 15 baked potatos, 2 big pots of chili (actually 1 big veggie pot & 2x on the small pot of premade meat chili, because I made more (out of the box, whereas the veggie version was from scratch & spices); 20 cupcakes, a whole tray of cornbread, a half-dozen homemade lattes w/ espresso, seltzer water, cran-raspberry juice & apple juice, and ALL of the food I made was eaten up! Yah!

And the party went 6 hours instead of 3, so I hope everyone stayed because they were having a great time! It seemed like it, as we broke off the game for people's dinner engagements! I hope at least, everyone had as much fun as I did, as I had a wonderful time!

The kids had numerous sword fights (SW's light sabers) & foam-gun window-target practices, as well as playing their own games (cherry picker & such) in the living room, while we played the movies "The Iron Giant" & then "My Neighbor Totoro" in the background for them, but they were so busy playing it was almost ignored! The TV ignored?! Cool, eh? The kids seemed to have a great time, and were mostly very independently playing but checking in regularly for more food, which was good to see. I guess my cooking was a hit! *smile* Yay again!

We also got to play a game of Bohnanza; which is a fun card game, with 6 adults (it's 3-7 players/game) & Athena got some amazing gifts! She got a handknit hotpink scarf made out of baby-designed yarn with her name knit into it, made by thaadd thank you sooo much!! And combustafarian & lucyruthe gave Athena an amazing & beautiful little bronze & turquoise-patina owl, which combustafarian brought back from Greece, what with the Goddess Athena & her representation in owls, in was a really special gift also. And she got some cool kids toys as well, that are multi-colored, with silver plastic & make neat sounds... so she's well on a path to getting geek techno-gadgets & she got a drum full of percussion instruments, which seems really thrilled with, also (she actually got 2 of these, one from us also! So we're going to exchange the one for something else... but it's so wonderful to have these muscial instruments for her sound-interests to develop!)

Athena took a nap during the card-games, but now she is up again & playing with her toys (and she gave the owl a good introductory coating of chocolate frosting, which I washed off & then put the owl up on a shelf where she can see it, but not try to eat it *grin*)

Thanks again! We has a wonderful time seeing you all. Call anytime you want to hang & watch movies or play games, right?!

I'm off to bathe the kiddos & get them to bed~ *smile*

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