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I won't detail them all as, well, they sucked; and I had a night full of nightmares.

But one that made some sense was the one where I was in the bathroom & a giant spider with Really Long legs crawled onto my leg & bit me on the thigh.. and my whole leg spasmed & froze up so I couldn't walk in just seconds, from the toxins... and I called out for help, as (for some reason in the dream) I was certain an adrenaline shot would save me, and we have an epi pen (sp?) for allergies in the house.. but no one would help me.. and everyone was home, but the kids were out of earshot & Ang said he was too busy & whomever else was over visting were too busy/distracted/uninterested to help). So, I had to drag myself, one leg frozen and a giant bite on my leg, to the adrenaline shot & administer it to myself.

The irony is in real life / not dreams, I kinda like spiders and I don't like to bother them or squish them unless they are in the kids' rooms; and I know we don't have dangerous spiders in Minnesota (because of the cold) So I find myself often reassuring _others_ about spiders! And then I go & have a nightmare with one. But I think the nightmare was more about being abandoned in a time of need, then the spider bite, itself. Why am I so cold? I thought this office was climate-controlled. Hmph. BRr.

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