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Year in Review MEME: Last sentence of the first post of each month: 2005

The 2005 Meme

To participate take the last sentence of the first post of each month

My journal, like a crazy quilt of lovely patches each with a story and history, this is snippets & pieces of my life, at a glance

Jan 1, 2005: Here is something I bet many thought they wouldn't see: Angelo in surgery scrubs.. isn't he & Athena adorable? (photo caption)

Feb 7, 2005: Thank you to all of my close friends who came over for the night I got back home: I was so sad, and seeing you at my home made it easier to come home: Thankyou.

March 17, 2005: Is everyone I know sad, tonight? It seems so many of us are...

April 21, 2005: ('Forever Loving Jah' Lyrics)photogallery link to memorial concert for my little brother, Pete; who died in an Avalanche January 16th, 2005. Rest in Peace, bro. I love you!

May 2, 2005: …especially wonderful is how the sun came out in all its glowing glory when the metaphorical sun from the park performance landed on the shore after it's annual traverse across the lake: it was quite brilliant & wonderful. Aurora was sitting by me & said "Look, that sun made the real sun come out!"

June 1, 2005: Co-ordination is an amazing thing.

July 1, 2005: Reporter Nell Boyce talks with Kevin McGowan, a crow expert at Cornell University, about the effects the virus has had on the social fabric of crow families. (caption to describe the Audio link I posted from NPR)

August 2, 2005: 'Course, it made me want to design the game. *sigh* ah, nice dream...

September 1, 2005: We must search for a new era: of living in balance with Nature, .. or it will surely destroy all of us, as we are nothing in its turbulence but leaves scattering down the street.

October 1, 2005: and now, some Bach.... ah... (hot to music links; as in original post)

November 1, 2005: In the Philippines, the day is spent visiting the graves of deceased relatives, where they offer prayers, lay flowers, and light candles, often in a picnic-like atmosphere. – from Wiki

December 1, 2005: Launching Rockets at the family lake cabin, August 2005 - Ten. turns 5 years old today! (photo caption)

*Italics indicate quotes, rather then my own words.

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