Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Thank you arturis
Rules: thank the person who tagged you, reply with 5 strange/random facts about yourself, tag 5 other people... (I don't know if these are strange things, but it's at least random & factual)

1)I've had my hair colored about 20 totally different colors since I turned 20.
2)I've seen over 300 species of birds, at my last count.
3)I've gone up to the mountains to intentionally hike & camp & sleep on snow (yes, before I lived in MN).
4)The first time I slept outside at night alone, I was 5, sleeping in our backyard in Seattle in a sleeping bag - no tent; which I actually did quite often over the couple decades that comprise 'childhood' (yes, for fun).
5)The first time my parents took me snorkling in Puerto Rico (age 8), I was too scared to do more then put my face in the water while my body was on the 'landing board' area of the boat. The other 2 times (years later- around age 12 & 13) that I went snorkling (in Puerto Rico & then in Mexico) - both times I encountered a Barracuda within 20 yards that stared me down - but I was with my dad for both encounters, and he was more worried then me then, of course.

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