Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Knitters, unite.

In my dreams last night, it was set in a Terry Pratchett like world, specifically the city reminded me of how I imagine Ankh Morpork & in the dream, there was no electricity & we had no oil; the knitters guild had become an underground of the academic people who wished to travel from city to city to town incognito & to which, in a time without sufficient heat, knitting was a commodity that could get you from one place to another, so it was used as a means of transporting or getting traveling privileges & means to people as a sudo-political asylum.

It was a dream about a world where knitters had formed a political underground. Hm. So I got up & was researching recycled yarn, and found this cool site, which has quite a variety of recycled yarn types & is much better about describing the differences then many other sites I found:

I also found this mistranslated sign, which is rather cute/funny, and still manages to carry it's earth-friendly message despite the mistranslations:

The caption was "I prefer cotton/pet-bottle blend" Hm.

So, a knitter's guild exists as well, I was reading about that, too. I don't know much about it, but the one in my dream was pretty neat. Heh heh; the knitters subversion. Anyhow, so "Let's make one's best effort, everybody!"

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