Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Nice to get out & see a bit of theater...

Went & saw "la Befana" with Aurora, Athena, Mom, Dad, Johnny & Anita on Friday - a story done with giant puppets by "the heart of the beast puppet theater" & the kids and everyone had such a wonderful time - the little old lady travels the world looking for the Holy child; scales mountains, climbs trees, befriends animals and children who have melted weapons down to make instruments, and it's just amazing. She discovers that all children are Holy. It was/is based on an Italian folklore.

The 'heart of the beast' puppets were amazing, as always they managed to blow my mind even though I've seen so many of them. I think my favorite part was when a group of women with green faced masks came out & their arms unfolded to become giant tree branches covered with leaves, and the little 'La Befana' puppet climbed up & up the trees & there found a nest of birdlings & the mother bird brought back a worm & then came back again & tried to feed La Befana a worm, too; it was adorable & glowing with the life of springtime, especially the growing green tree-ladies. Athena also delighted in this part, standing up & yelling "ooh woo! ooohh!" when the trees came out & started to grow. I also loved the star, especially as it was portrayed as a goat with glittering silver beard and a star-shaped head.. followed & surrounded by gauzy white dressed children with stars and unicorn=like costumes - this Aurora stated as her favorite part & I quite loved it, too. My mom liked it when La Befana climbed the mountains and sung out over the mountaintops - which was quite moving & emotional for me. Dad liked the appearance of the three kings, which to me was a musically wonderful part, but they intimidated me just as the organized religion they represented intimidates me. Go figure. It was a wonderful play & performance, and now that I know it changes every year, I would like to go again to this performance next year. Perhaps it will become a winter tradition for me & the girls: that would be nice.

Then, last night we went to see a performance of 'the little prince' where three actors and a few props, and no set besides lights & two holes in the stage floor, before the whole of the story - Athena stayed at home with daddy Angelo for this one & the rest of us went out in sub-zero weather (literally -3 F. before wind chill on the way home) to see this & had a wonderful time, despite the cold.

The performance was minimalist & the actors were 3 men, young, middle aged & *older (I would guess 12, late 20's & late 30's w/grey hair) - it was a stunning performance with these men carrying the entire story of the little's princes' outer space adventures, concern for his loved flower, overgrowing trees, search for a sheep and this all set in the desert next to an (unseen) crashed plane, with simply a few props such as a cloth, a canteen, goggles, a parachute, water, lights, and of course a pad of paper & a pen... a pit on the floor, & the voices and story as the actors portray it - I felt it was quite accurate to the book as I read it aeons ago...

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