Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Dreams.. lion hunt. hunting me, that is.

Part of my dreams last night entailed me & a group of people who were being followed by a "tame" but hungry lioness. We were in this large building system's basement.. so it went on & on (like those under University's do, etc).. and I was familiar with it & knew a way I could get out of the basement & barricade in the lioness; but it was quite a ways off & we were all very nervous. Short-term barricades had not worked, and the only solution was to get totally out of the basement without provoking her to attack as we walked the long stressful distance to the closest door out.

You can imagine, a hungry lady lion, wandering behind you, pushing her head up against large basement machines and such junk & rubbing her head against them like a cat does... and then looking at you hungrily.. waiting, just waiting for anyone to run.. to be able to eat one of you. Essentially, it was like she had been tame so long she didn't know how to hunt: but, she was following us, was hungry, and was trying to figure out how to eat us, anyway to eat us. And we all knew, running would set off her instinct to tackle & bite, so we couldn't rush. And she's behind you, growling & grumbling & head-butting stuff as she pads along following us, incited by something (smell?) to know we're edible... but how... and we're all sweating fear and trying to figure out if we're going to get out before she figures out some connection from her hunger-center, to her teeth-center.

I did make it out, with the others close behind, and right before the exit the kids were waiting for me, so I had to pick them up, and was terrified to find that they had gotten into such a dangerous place at all! .. and the lioness was at the bottom of the narrow basement stairs, looked like my cousin Polly's house, and I had called her on the cell phone, so maybe in the dream it was her basement connected to the underground system somehow... - once out we knew we could call certain authorities responsible for the lion to gather her up. *sigh* Bit of a nightmare, really.

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