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sen·si·ble Pronunciation Key (sẹn'sə-bəl)

1. Perceptible by the senses or by the mind.
2. Readily perceived; appreciable.
3. Having the faculty of sensation; able to feel or perceive.
4. Having a perception of something; cognizant: “I am sensible that a good deal more is still to be done” (Edmund Burke). See Synonyms at aware.
5. Acting with or exhibiting good sense: a sensible person; a sensible choice.
6. Your company restores access to Google, no longer rerouting it to a page that says "WARNING: This screen appears when the user is attempting to access an inappropriate website and may, if seen several times, trigger an audit by Corporate Security. If you see this screen as a result of attempting to visit an appropriate website please click the link below to submit the site for review.", and does so in less then 24 hours of initiating the banned-website redirect.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin snsibilis, from snsus, sense. See sense.]
sensi·ble·ness n. sensi·bly adv.

Antonyms: insensible, senseless, i.e. That the company continues to block,, and about 50% of all other (thus-checked) state music or news based public radio stations' websites. But they do allow CNN Yahoo and Fox News (gah!!)

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