Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Well, another Friday the 13th under a Full Moon is behind us..

I had dreams last night of fighting Yu-Gi-Oh like monsters & demons, they looked cartoony, and many of them dragon-like, er.. but perhaps drooling ; and we were wandering around in this beautiful snowy land, white mountains and gorgeous forests and window-lit inns and hotels bubbling with music & sounds, looking for clues & portals that were opening (Arkam-game style) as we investigated, and then if they opened we would get sucked in & have to fight these monsters, that, while scary were honestly no match for ourselves, our tools/weapons/spells/etc (also like that board game) - and the effort was to suppress any more of these portals from opening, I think, so that I and the others involved and around the area, could finally enjoy the serene area and festive activities without worry of naive unarmed passers-by getting eaten by Yu-Gi-Oh Dragons.

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